So far, many wonderful and beautiful works have been made during the times of great changes.
I am fascinated by those beauties and especially admire the works of the Momoyama Period and the Joseon Dynasty.
As for me, making pottery with the energy inherited from ancient times is like a painter painting a picture by taking care of the basics: drawing.
It would be my great pleasure if my work, which is created through the time of digesting the classics, could move anyone’s heart.

Shintaro Uchimura






Shintaro Uchimura
1975 Born in Yusui Town, Kagoshima Prefecture
1995 After graduating from the National Institute of Technology, Kagoshima College,
engaged in bridge design work,
but by being fascinated by old pottery, then entered the world of pottery.
2002 Opened a workshop in Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture.
2008 Moved the workshop and opened the Sankyo kiln
2018 Solo exhibition at Nomura Museum of Art.
2019 Selected for the "Tea Ceremony Modeling Exhibition" at the Tanabe Museum of Art.
2020 Selected for "Modern Tea Ceramics Exhibition" and "Mino Tea Bowl Exhibition".

Held solo exhibitions at department stores and galleries nationwide.

1975 出生於鹿兒島縣霧島山腳下的湧水町
1995 從鹿兒島工業高等專門學校畢業後開始從事橋樑設計的工作,但由於對古陶的痴迷而走
2002 在福岡縣系島市開設工作室。
2008 工房搬遷,開設山居窯
2018 在野村美術館舉辦個人展覽。
2019 入選田邊美術館“茶道造型展”
2020 入選“現代茶陶展”和“美濃茶碗展”。